Genesis Casino

Why do you like Genesis

I was happy to know that my dear friend from Genesis casino became the new Affiliate Manager at Genesis and was also in line for an award soon later. For this dear friend of mine sake, I finally decided to give Fruity a try, Genesis, not Fruity Jelena, hahaha.

I signed up, took the Welcome Package, and its free spins too, but nothing was won out of them. So I made several more deposits over the days, hoping that something good would and could come out at last, but still nothing, absolutely no wins at all and I wasn't playing any untried new game or what. I played only 2 games throughout Starburst and Fruit Zen, my favourite games and this wasn't the first playing those games either. As bad luck has it, or whatever, I lost each and every play on these 2 games! No big wins, not even decent ones. Maybe I'll win on another occasion, I was thinking to myself.

I then wrote in to Genesis casino support, complaining why the 2 games were simply eating and eating, without giving anything back. I explained that I wasn't a new player on the 2 games. They were my favorites and none of the other casinos that I played the same games at performed so badly as at Genesis. A reply came back with apologies, saying they couldn't do anything about that and it was out of their control. At least an apology and a reply from Genesis Casino Review, not like the dumb and deaf Wild Jackpots Casino!

The marvelous thing was, I was also given a free $50 bonus, to compensate for the losses that I had suffered so fa .and I thanked them for it. As luck has it, or whatever, I managed to make a nice win this time around, playing Fruit Zen, and made a withdrawal out of it! Whoopie!

Why I do not like Genesis

But then the nightmare began! Days of waiting after submitting my documents to the finance department, as per their email request, no news or status update came to me. When I then talked with the Live Chat host, he informed me that they did not receive my documents and requested me to resubmit them. I then told him to wait for it and then confirm receiving it. Don't want yet another 'didn't receive' reply or any other excuses. He did just that, good man!

Would you believe it that 1 day later, an email from the same finance department, came and requested me to submit my documents for verification?! I blew my top! I wrote a nasty reply. Typical of me when I'm damn angry, hehehe and a reply came back later saying that I do not have to submit my docs. They have already received them. Yeah, all because I told them to check up with that host guy regarding my documents, he had confirmed receiving it. No apologies were given for the whole incident though! How's that for support?!

I finally got my money a few days later, and I closed the matter for my dear Affiliate Manager's sake! Let the sleeping dogs in the finance department sleep. I'll let someone else wake them up with a gun! Hahaha.